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The Birth of Pro Stock 1970 Drag Sport Illustrators Special Edition

Written by noted authorities Al Kirshenbaum and Geoff Stunkard, take an illustrated tour through the inaugural year of NHRA Pro Stock and match-bash doorslammer history, featuring some of the best photography ever taken. See the Grump, Bill Jenkins, and the legendary Dyno Don Nicholson in hot pursuit of the Hemi Mopars raced by the Sox & Martin team. Watch the gold dust go down and the front wheels climb at match races, and catch a blow-by-blow history of the major NHRA and AHRA events, as well as the Super Stock Nationals and the OCIR invitational. Making extensive use of the library owned by Match Race Madness, including the work of Jim Kelly, Eric Brooks, Marty Johnson, and others, this is the only volume available to give a rundown of that first year of heads-up excitement.


Author signed edition personally signed by Geoff Stunkard  $22.95

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Rail Mail: A Century of American Railroading on Picture Postcards

This CD-ROM features over 400 illustrations, many not seen in the book by the same name. Each image is reproduced in full color with bordered edges, a stand-alone caption, and a screen-saver option.

ISBN 0-9748216-1-6


When Performance Was King: The Grand Spaulding Legacy by Mr. Norm Kraus

The corner of Grand and Spaulding Avenues in Chicago was happening in the 1960s, when the Kraus family ran one of the most notorious Dodge franchises in history. Return now to that era as Mr. Norm himself reminisces about marketing muscle cars, building special packages, drag racing, and more. Complete with original advertising (including the Don Gay DRAG NEWS ads of 1965), never-before-seen vintage photographs, and photos of the famous G-S cars as they exist today.

RELEASE DATE: Future release; undecided.

Flying Glass: The History of Fuel Funny Car Racing: 1965-1974

Remember the days of Jungle Jim Liberman, the Mongoose and the Snake, and match races galore? Before the advent of big money sponsors and dominating sanctioning body events, the best know stars of drag racing toured the nation in pursuit of speed. Some funny car racers were heroes, some were crazy, but all of them were showmen. Here is the essential saga of the famous and infamous, from the altered-wheelbase cars of 1965 to the fire-plagued Supernationals of 1974, just before the dawn of the Winston era. Illustrated with original photos, handouts, paperwork, and more.

RELEASE DATE: Future release; undecided.

COPO and Performance Chevrolet Supercars: 1965-1970

There was a lot of corporate intrigue during the late 1960s, not the least of which was the need to get around GM's engine size edicts. Thus was born the dealership package a Camaro or Chevelle built using the factory 427 engine. Read about Yenko Super Cars, Baldwin-Motion, Dana, Nickey, Berger and the other companies that struck terror in the hearts of street racers nationwide. Illustrated with vintage advertising, gorgeous cars, memorabilia and much more.

RELEASE DATE: Future release; undecided.


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