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See the Cover of Rail MailSee the Cover See the Rail Mail Table of ContentsSee the Contents Page

See the Streamliners ChapterThe advent of the prewar streamliners produced some of the most visually-pleasing and highest-demand cards of the 20th Century. We have put the first four pages of the chapter "The Streamlined Era." Read part of the chapter on Streamliners

See the Let's Go to the Railroad Fair PreviewRailroad fairs are not as prevalent as they once were. Here are some of the postcards produced in a two-page feature spread showing fairs from 1909-1949.  Read the feature on Let's Go to the Railroad Fair

The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway produced more railroad-issued cards then any other. This was due to the efforts of the Fred Harvey hotels and restaurants, which offered souvenirs for sale. Read the two page sidebar done on the Fred Harvey Santa Fe postcards

See the Down to the Depot PreviewDepot and station cards are in high demand by many types of postcard collectors. Take a look at two pages from this chapter, including one with a collage illustration. Read pages from Down by the Depot

See the Narrow Gauge Fever PreviewThe advent of the narrow gauge was in the 1870s; by the 20th century, many were already 'on the ropes' financially. Take a look at the first three pages from the chapter on narrow gauge railroading. Read pages from Narrow Gauge Fever

See the Railfans Collection PreviewMany outstanding postcards were produced by some of the railroad hobby's best photographers here is the excerpt on them from the chapter on real photographs. Read pages from Real Photo Postcards by Rail Fans

See the Centennial State Collection PreviewSanborn and the Narrow Gauge Hotel both documented Centennial State railroading via the postcard medium. Read the SIDEBAR on Colorado's Real Photo Postcard Producers

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