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And other modern era photos by Geoff Stunkard

Anybody who has been a drag racing photographer long enough will get the opportunity to take historically significant shots. This area is still under construction, but we have a few items presently offered here.

Blaine Johnson's last lap. Click to see a larger image.In 1996, the likeable Blaine Johnson was on top of the world. After a successful move from the alcohol dragster ranks, Blaine was thundering toward his first-ever Top Fuel Championship. That was all tragically cut short on this Saturday first-session pass, when both rear tires were cut down by engine shrapnel and Johnson was fatally injured, succumbing later that afternoon despite the best efforts of veteran Indianapolis doctors to save him. As I wrote in Quarter Milestones at that time, I didn't return to the track until Monday; it was the first U.S. Nationals racing fatality at IRP in many years. I found out after the fact that motorcycle great Elmer Trett had bought it on Sunday; so it was a less-then-celebratory weekend, and one of the only times I recall as a photographer that the fifth column (us media types) was not irreverent. Like John Mulligan before him, we can only guess at what might have been.


GSL101 BLAINE JOHNSON'S FINAL RUN - August 31, 1996 8x10 $14.99   Buy Now!

GSL101 BLAINE JOHNSON'S FINAL RUN - August 31, 1996 12x18 $39.95   Buy Now!


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